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Madrid Stories - An Unexpected Visitor II: Tony Gys, Mateo Stanford

Kristen Bjorn Play
Madrid Stories - An Unexpected Visitor II: Tony Gys, Mateo Stanford
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Mateo Stanford and his lover Denis have just finished a hot sex session after being apart for a long time. Denis heads off to take a bath. Mateo has forgotten that he has invited Tony Gys over and when Tony arrives Mateo explains the situation and this only turns Tony on. Tony rips off Mateo’s towel and they begin sucking each other’s straining cocks. Mateo spreads Toni’s legs open and eats his ass while stroking his cock. Tony spits on his cock and uses the excess spit to stimulate his nipples. With his cock fully engorged Tony flips Mateo and starts pounding his hot ass. Now Mateo takes control and flips Tony and plants his cock deep into Toni’s hungry hole. Mateo pounds away at Toni’s ass until he pulls out and showers his balls with his thick creamy load. With his balls drenched in cum Tony shoots his hot load all over his chest and face. Denis then enters the room and is surprised to see Tony in their home. Mateo is very confused at first until Denis explains that he too has been having an affair with Tony and wanted to propose that he join their relationship. The world is much smaller than you think.

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17 May 2015

tony Gijs, is my favorite guy, he is so Hot, what a huge cock he has too, PLSE more on Mateo Staford too, he is a good bottom !

31 Oct 2022

Reply to Rakesh.....Agree with you on this video of Madrid Stories... this is 1 of the hottest scenes ever with Mateo Stanford and his friend Tony Gijs. Both guys are horse hung, their uncut cocks and balls are so massive... Mateo Stanford a hot bottom ready to take that huge manpole of Tony Gijs...

31 Oct 2022

Hottest scene ever with those 2 gorgeous men in this Madrid stories video. Mateo Stanford and Tony Gijs becomes my favorite. Could not believe my eyes when I saw good looking Mateo Stanford and Tony taken off their bath towel and tight jeans pants while both were shirtless. Their muscular bodies, smooth chest , perky and sensitive nipples and of course their uncut banana dicks and balls are so massive. Enjoy this man to man encounter to see Mateo Stanford is sucking off that huge banana dick of Tony Gijs and in the end Mateo Stanford getting fucked really hard bareback in his ass by him. Great scene and hope to see both men soon again on stage Kristen Bjorn since this video was about now 7 years back recorded in the year 2015.

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