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Men In The City - Reboot: Jan Faust, William Bravo, Rado Zuska

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Rado and Jan are out enjoying the sites of the city when Rado convinces Jan to meet his friend, black gayporn star William Bravo. They strip Jan down so that William can get a better view of his young, lean body. William then wants to test his talents by having him suck on his mammoth onyx, uncut cock. As Jan ravages William’s huge treasure, William works over Rado’s raging hard on. Rado then joins Jan as they tag team William’s big black dick. Rado knows that he has to have that black monster cock deep inside of him so he crouches down as far as he can go before riding it long, hard and raw. As Rado fucks himself fast and furiously, William swallows and sucks on Jan straining cock. Jan is unable to hold back any longer and shoots his huge creamy load all over William’s lips and tongue. William loves the taste of Jan’s load and sucks every drop from his convulsing cock. Now it is time for Jan to feel the pleasures of two huge cocks tag teaming his raw ass. Rado and William take turns pounding Jan’s ass before William coats Jan’s pink hole with this thick load. Rado gets so excited watching the hot cream flying out of William’s ebony cock that he too blows his huge load all over Jan’s pink and creamy ass. Black gay cumming.

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sabatino sansone
06 Apr 2020

si blocca durante la riproduzione

07 Apr 2020

Questo non è il posto giusto per segnalare problemi tecnici. Devi scriverci a in modo che possiamo incontrarti.

Rafael F
12 May 2022

Where is Jan Faust? Bring it back would be wonderful

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