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Ready to Fuck - Ryan Rose, Nick Sterling

Kristen Bjorn Play
Ready to Fuck - Ryan Rose, Nick Sterling
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25 Apr 2015

To me Ryan Rose always looks better with cock up his arse. Is it me, or does he always look so frantic/uncomfortable when he tops?

12 May 2017

The sight of Ryan Roses smooth tanned muscle cunt spread open his thighs and the twin globes of his butt AND his big tight balls all on display while Ryan goes animal on Nick's ass and equally hungry cunt is fucking delicious.Ryan is intense to watch in heat he sucks Nicks hole greedily,growling and slobbering love the wet sucking and eating sounds he makes along with his gasps and grunts....I just WISH he'd do some hardcore BB videos some day..

12 May 2017

SWEET JESUS!...Ryan's is completely and totally on heat when he gets his juicy hot muscle cunt eaten out by Nick.That stunning body and face all flushed red and sweat his face on the rug and he's going apeshit gnashing his teeth,grunting,growling,yelling and almost sobbing as Nick works over that smooth deep hard butt attacking his hot quivering cunt going deep priming it for a ramming ..Ryan looks a tad 'fuelled' which if he is then that only makes this scene hotter.

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