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Timberwolves - Tommy Defendi, Adam Ramzi

Kristen Bjorn Play
Timberwolves - Tommy Defendi, Adam Ramzi
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Tommy Defendi wants to bone Adam Ramzi, but he isn't quite sure if Adam's up for it. While changing his clothes, Tommy gauges Adam's reaction. Adam clearly pretends not to look as Tommy scratches his exposed balls and gives his cock a tug. But Tommy knows that Adam's game, and he bounds over to Adam, grabs him by the throat and plunges his tongue into Adam's mouth. Their big dicks rise to the occasion. Tommy's massive meat grows fully erect, and Adam's sizable piece follows suit. As they kiss, their hands reach down to grasp each other's hard ons.

Tommy Defendi and Adam Ramzi are both bearded and furry. Adam's head moves in circles when he sucks Tommy's huge cock and takes in his balls. When it's Tommy's turn to suck, he closes his eyes and every inch of Adam's cock vanishes. Meanwhile, Tommy humps Adam's leg like a horned up canine until it's covered with precum. Adam turns tail and bends over to offer his ass, which Tommy spanks, while using his mouth and tongue to work Adam's cock, balls, taint and hole. When Tommy flips onto his back, Adam rides him, lowering his toned torso and freshly basted hole over Tommy's rigid dick. They fuck, kiss, fuck some more and finally shoot well-earned loads. The velocity of Tommy's shot makes you wonder if he's even human. This real is Raging Stallion porn.

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