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Impact: Fabio Stallone, Jeremy

Kristen Bjorn Play
Impact: Fabio Stallone, Jeremy
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If your taste runs to big Latin cocks, consider Fabio Stallone: dark skin, full beard, barrel chest. Jeremy Stevens checks him from top to toe, hovering over Fabio's horizontal body, moving back and forth to lick, sniff and kiss. The aerial survey stops when Jeremy reaches Fabio's jutting cock, waiting for a mouth. It takes Jeremy a while to navigate the hook, and the thickness around the center of Fabio's uncut meat, but once he gets it, Fabio's dick disappears in Jeremy's gullet. A kiss provides a transition that leaves Jeremy on his back, his legs raised and spread. Fabio's tongue is a erect pole waiting to explore Jeremy's hole, after Fabio stretches it first with several fingers. Fabio's sword-swallowing commands attention: Jeremy cranes his neck forward to behold the magic being worked on him below. They cool down with a make-out session before the fucking starts, in the doggy position. Jeremy grimaces while Fabio's pummeling tests his core strength. A switch to missionary position takes them to the breaking point, with Jeremy punching Fabio's chest as his cock erupts. Fabio waits a beat and aims hot streaming lava directly at Jeremy's face.

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