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Alpine Wood Part 1: Landon Conrade, Rickey Decker

Kristen Bjorn Play
Alpine Wood Part 1: Landon Conrade, Rickey Decker
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Being last to leave the breakfast table pays off for Ricky Decker. When Landon Conrad comes in, looking for something good to eat, he finds Ricky's tan, muscular buns perfect. With a squeeze and a slap, Landon yanks Ricky's sweatpants down and drives his tongue into the hole. Ricky rocks like he's about to scud across the table, if it weren't for Landon's firm grasp on his balls. Ricky's already has his breakfast, but he's happy to choke down a bonus serving of hard cock sausage. All naked, and skin-to-skin, these hunks would make anyone salivate. Landon's hairy pecs have never looked more hard or pumped, and Ricky's smooth, meaty ass practically dares Landon to fuck it. One long, smooth stroke and Ricky is fully impaled! The aromas of breakfast give way to the pungency of sweat and passion. Cries of "oh, fuck" and "oh my god" permeate the air. Landon jumps onto a bench and pile-drives Ricky's ass like a jackhammer, then he flips him over and drills him on his back. Ricky's belly is slick with lube and pre-cum. They separate, grabbing their cocks and dousing themselves with cum.

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