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Just for You: Bobby Hart, Ryan Rose

Kristen Bjorn Play
Just for You: Bobby Hart, Ryan Rose
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If you're tall, dark and handsome like Exclusive Ryan Rose, you can sport a hard on and the studs come flocking. Bobby Hart sees Ryan, and he is on it. His massive bulge is present in his tighty whities even before all of his taut flesh, dark skin and a smile of anticipation are visible. Ryan welcomes Bobby with a kiss and when Bobby straddles Ryan's waist and sits, Ryan's erection presses against those stretched cotton briefs, nestling into the crevice that awaits his cock. Ryan slips the briefs down to expose the hole that's the intended prize, while he pulls Bobby forward, completely swallowing Bobby's fat uncut cock. The skin on both of them is smooth and rippling with muscle. Bobby blows Ryan, wrapping his tongue and lips around the cock that beckoned him, then he straddles Ryan's lap again -- this time without the briefs. Ryan's cock slips in like a key to a lock and Bobby gives him a gyrating lap dance before Ryan takes the lead, dropping Bobby into a shoulder stand and pummeling him from above until Bobby shoots all over his own face. Ryan carefully squirts his load into the saucer of Bobby's ass, lapping up his load.

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12 May 2017

MAN! the hottest part was at the 11:59 min mark Bobby straddling Ryan's lap and his cock s sliding and pumping his spread open cunt...FUCK! I wished Ryan just rammed his cock in that hot hungry fuckhole raw instead of pausing to roll on the rubber..They BOTH wanted it bad,sticking his ass out while Ryan pulls his butt apart,playing his cock around that opening cunt as they kiss and make out...

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