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In The Flesh, sc. 9 - Manuel Olveyra, Antonio Miracle, Aitor Bravo

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Antonio and Manuel return home and immediately begin seductively removing each other’s clothing as the passionate kissing intensifies. Manuel is so excited by Antonio that he takes his cock deep into his mouth before they completely descend the stairway. Antonio and Manuel give us an incredible show of cock sucking as they appear to be suspended in thin air and the glass stairs. Suddenly the alarm rings and Antonio is awoken from his dream. Not to worry, not all is lost because Antonio wakes up with his lover Aitor Bravo naked and next to him. Antonio just picks up the dream where he left off, just with Aitor and not Manuel. The guys get into some heavy cock sucking and ass eating before Aitor sits his bare ass all the way down on Antonio’s rock hard cock. Antonio flips Aitor all around the bed and forces his cock deep and hard inside of Aitor’s wet ass. Riding that ass so hard has pushed Antonio into nirvana as he pulls his cock out a split second before his geyser erupts and then buries it back inside of Aitor. With Antonio’s cock still pumping away inside of him Aitor’s balls are drawn up so tight that he explodes a huge, thick load of cum and Antonio laps up his load and licks his cock clean. Let your dreams drive you wild with desire!

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08 Feb 2016

This video has all the ingredients of what erotic dreams are all about :- namely surreal architectural photography, pulsating guitar music, plate glass stairs, where every orifice of a male body can be clearly viewed,..... Antonio`s opposite, for impassioned Fellatio purposes, is the highly-proficient Manuel, but The Lover, in Reality, is A Man that you don`t meet every day.... There are not many Porn Stars who have the massive amount of blood flow to the balls and penis, as does the ever- so-intense Aitor. , . It is obvious proof, though, of what a horny dream can do for Antonio`s ever-determined Sex Drive, that causes such an explosion of cum , for both of them, giving total synchronising satisfaction...A video that was brilliantly devised, and filmed, with very great care.

29 Oct 2022

Editor Kristen Bjorn, who is this hot guy.....Antonio Miracle?? At first sight I fell in love with Antonio Miracle, a tall guy, very good looking with facial beard, Tats on his body, hot hairy chest and his perky and sensitive nipples makes him such a hot guy and my favorite men. I like this type of men.....his hairy chest really turns me on and after he got undressed could not believe my eyes to see his huge uncut banana dick, it measured a 22 cm I think. Antonio his cock is really massive... I saw this gorgeous guy Aitor Bravo with Manuel Olveyra in this scene... I discover too that sexy Aitor is enjoying man to man sex encounters and as a hot bottom he took some huge uncut cock as that of ANTONIO MIRACLE, in this hot scene. Bring Manuel Olveyra and Aitor Bravo soon on stage again at Kristen Bjorn... Where is Manuel Olveyra now editor Strongboil after those 6 years ??

29 Oct 2022

Thanks Kristen Bjorn for bringing us those good looking and horse guys as manuel olveyra, Antonio Miracle and Aitro Bravo. A very hot muscular trio, with such hot bodies and of course their uncut bannana dicks are really massive. As soon as they got undressed I was surprised to see how horse hung those men are. Hottest man to man encounter ever with those hot men. Bring those favorite men soon back on stage... Hope to see more soon them editor Strongboli

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