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Meat Men: Run Across - Juanjo Rodriguez, Malek Tobias

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As Juanjo Rodriguez runs through the park is his ever revealing running pants, Malek’s attention is caught and he knows he must have this man. Malek Tobias follows Juanjo back to his apartment and is engulfed in Juanjo’s seductive kissing and stroking. Juanjo strips down completely and steps into the shower. Malek salivates as he watches the water flowing across Juanjo’s perfectly muscled body. Malek is then pulled into the shower by Juanjo with his t-shirt and underwear still on. As the water cascades over both men, Juanjo drops to his knees and takes Malek’s straining cock all the way into his mouth and savors the taste of the hot man flesh running across his tongue. Malek attempts to swallow Juanjo’s huge cock, but finds the challenge a bit too much for his abilities. Raw papi Juanjo pushes Malek onto the sofa and drives his raw cock deep inside of Malek’s hungry ass. Malek is flipped onto his back and Juanjo continues the assault on his bare ass. Getting flipped once more, Malek finds himself upside down on the sofa as Juango feeds his cock into that hot, pink hole. Malek’s cock is rock solid and his balls have drawn up so tight and are cocked, loaded and ready to shoot. In this position Malek is able to feed himself his own hot load of cum with Juanjo pushing every last drop out of him with every thrust of his cock. Juanjo then creams Malek’s pink, furry hole with his thick, gooey load of cum. The benefits of running are endless!

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26 Feb 2016

Malek Tobias is one hot stud muffin!

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