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Full Release: Ty Roderick, James Ryder

Kristen Bjorn Play
Full Release: Ty Roderick, James Ryder
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The contact is so intense between Ty Roderick and James Ryder that you can smell it. The rising heat waves telegraph the passion long before the camera pulls back far enough to see their raging cocks. Ty's cock curves upwards, and the harder it gets, the more it curves. Their tongues and hands find plenty to do. James is relentless in trying to find a position to swallow all of Ty's swerving boner, and the drool flies until he succeeds. Ty takes a liking to James' balls, which beckon. Ty can't resist sucking them, returning later for seconds after some deep cocksucking. The ultimate destination is James' hole, which Ty tongues and kisses before spearing. They fuck first in the crab position, with perspiration dripping from James' brow, then Ty hits the sweet spot when they switch to good old missionary position. James screams that he's ready to shoot, so Ty pulls out and times his cumshot to match. The muscles in Ty's neck and shoulders bulge as he squirts his Full Release into James' mouth as James dumps his on his abs.

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05 Jun 2016

Upon second viewing, the action intensifies, even more..... Some excellent rimming and cock sucking, from Ty and James, alike... You do not see many porn stars breaking sweat to this extent !

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