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Full Blast: Landon Conrad, Seven Dixon

Kristen Bjorn Play
Full Blast: Landon Conrad, Seven Dixon
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Landon Conrad and Seven Dixon are kissing, their hands reaching out for cocks and balls, their tongues seeking each other's mouths. Seven pushes Landon onto a couch and takes what he wants. Muscles flex and collide. He smothers Landon's face with his ass, he inhales Landon's hard cock, then submits to a pounding of ferocious intensity. Sweat drips; mixed with spit and lube, it becomes a lust potion. Seven's abs clench and ripple as his orgasm gathers force, erupting in clots of spunk that spatter across his torso. Landon steps back. His balls are pulled up so tight in his scrotum that the shaft of his cock looks twice as long. Seven grabs Landon's hairy nipples and pinches hard, triggering fountains of cum that he tries to catch in his mouth.

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