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Horndogs, sc. 4: Gabriel Lunna, John Rodriguez, Gabriel Taurus

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Gabriel Lunna has hit the jackpot when he hooks up with not one but two hot and horny guys; John Rodriguez and Gabriel Taurus. Gabriel finds himself in the middle of hot, hungry and probing tongues coming at him from both sides while he has hold of two incredible, hard, uncut cocks. The guys move into position so that Gabriel L. receives the full potential of pleasure as John wraps his lips around his rock solid cock and brings it to its full length and girth. Gabriel L. is receiving the pleasure of the Gods as he is also giving it to Gabriel T. as he sucks and swallows the fat, meaty cock. Each man has gone beyond being just horny but to a level of unadulterated sex of the gods feeding off of each other’s pleasure. Gabriel then gives up his ass for his partner’s gluttonous desires to probe his ass with their hungry tongues and continue to give his cock pure bliss. John is busy running his tongue in and out of Gabriel L’s ass and up and down his cock, while also taking the joy of Gabriel T’s sumptuous cock. Gabriel T’s cock pushes forward and directly splits Gabriel L’s raw ass wide open as he continues to feed him with his hulking cock. Gabriel T. pulls out and John is right there to make sure that it remains well lubricated with his hot lips and spit. John climbs on top of Gabriel L. and now Gabriel T. has two bare, holes to feed. Gabriel T. goes back and forth from one hot ass to the other, keeping both of the asses stuffed with indulgent pleasure. The guys jump on the fuck train as Gabriel T. works his ass deep and hard onto Gabriel L’s straining cock and pumps John’s ass full with that huge slab of meat. As Gabriel T. pumps his cock deep inside of John, John rips off a hot load of cum, Gabriel T. pulls out and mixes his creamy load with John in a hands free shot as his cum slicked cock slides back into John. Gabriel L’s cum rushes from his cock like a river roaring down the canyon. When the right mix of men come together horny is taken to a new level, nirvana.

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04 Aug 2016


14 Oct 2022

It was love at first sight when I saw this movie Horndogs from Aug 2016, with horse hung JOHN RODRIGUEZ, who is a native from ESPANA. He becomes my most favorite latin man.. His male body is amazing hot...after getting undressed I could not believe what I saw. His smooth chest is so hot and he has such sexy perky and sensitive nipples too. I enjoy nipple play and those perky nipples of JOHN RODRIGUEZ really turns me on for sure. JOHN as a bottom, really enjoys a hot man to man encounter with muscular and good looking Gabriel Luna and Gabriel Taurus, who fucked him really hard bareback in a hot three way..... I can say that both men have massive uncut banana dicks which they all enjoy sucking big cock. John Rodriguez, really enjoy sucking off that huge cock of Gabriel Luna for sure... Hottest bareback scene ever with those 3 hot men ever seen...Editor Strongboli thanks for bring us those goodlooking men, I want to see those handsome guys as Gabriel Luna, Gabirel Taurus & John Rodriguez, soon back on stage even this video was from 7 years ago recorded. All 3 guys are my favorite man at Kristen Bjorn studios !!

14 Oct 2022

Hottest 3 way encounter with those 3 hung men as John Rodriquez, Gabriel Luna and Tauris. Wooh those men enjoy man to man sex and enjoy sucking big cock for sure. Horndogs is a blockbuster for sure with John Rodriguez who has such a hot male body and huge uncut banana dick. He loves eating man ass too and watching as Gabriel Luna fucks Gabriel Taurus hard bareback . I reallly enjoy this hot bareback video

12 Jan 2023


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