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Special Reserve, sc 2: Kyle Quinn, David Anthony, Race Cooper

Kristen Bjorn Play
Special Reserve, sc 2: Kyle Quinn, David Anthony, Race Cooper
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What’s up, coach? asks eager jock Kyle Quinn, who soon finds himself stuffed at both ends by aggressive athletes David Anthony and Race Cooper. Gay interracial.

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15 Apr 2017

This video clearly shows from the outset, the visual power of the Jock Strap, which is worn in style by eager Jock, Kyle Quinn. There is definite sexual tension as the measuring up proceeds, but Kyle should have known what would happen when you touch a highly sexy shaven-headed Black Man, with a very pronounced Bubble Butt, in all his sensitive places... One could immediately sense, however that Kyle`s already moistening hole was rapidly warming up, and the subsequent Fuck Train by these in -training athletes, must have been so pleasurably gymnastic for him. If this video had been made by the Kristen Bjorn studio The Finale would have been suitably spectacular, but simply group masturbation over a hardly-sexy pair of long red shorts, after such enthusiastic ballsy anal action, was in my opinion "An Afterthought", (though, Slit right up the side, as ultra "Short shorts" they certainly would have looked very good on young Kyle... Alas, this was "A Silent Movie".. The Voice Over could have been very interesting..... If that was available, I would definitely watch this video for Cock Sucking Connoisseurs once more.. The Preparation Work for all three Men could not be faulted !

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