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Wet: Gabriel Lunna, Denis Sokolov

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Denis Sokolov has moved into his new apartment and invites Gabriel Lunna over to help him celebrate. Of course, the celebration begins at the front door and before the tour. The guys are quickly stripping out of their underwear and exposing their strong, hard cocks. Gabriel drops to his knees and service Denis’ rock-solid cock with his luscious, wet lips and mouth. Denis always has a deep hunger when Gabriel comes over and today is no exception as he consumes and is fed Gabriel’s rigid cock. Going back and forth with the cock worshiping tends to excite one and both ball sacs have drawn up tight and ready to unload. Denis is excited to show Gabriel his favorite feature in his new apartment, his huge shower. The guys step in and Gabriel allows the water to flow across Denis’ smooth, pink hole just as his tongue follows suit. Gabriel’s expert tongue darts in and out and teases Denis’ hot ass, as it contracts and loosens for that hot tongue. Even the cool water of the shower can’t douse the fire burning deep within Denis’ hot ass. Gabriel feels the same flames burning throughout his cock and flips Denis onto the bed and rams his scorching, raw cock deep into Denis’ searing ass. The wet shower did nothing to cool Denis and Gabriel off, if anything it was like wet flames stoking the fires of desire. Gabriel’s thrusts have driven Denis’ cock to the point of complete combustibility and takes it into his own hand and strokes it in rhythm with his own cocks rhythmic fucking. The feel of another man’s hand on his cock, and the burning desire erupting widely in his ass takes Denis to the edge of no return as Gabriel strokes out his huge, wet load of cum. Gabriel is not finished as he feels the burning desire in Denis’ ass and flips him on all 4’s to continue his deep ass raw fucking. The wet fire inside of Denis’ ass fuses the two men into one desire, one sensation and that burning desire causes Gabriel’s cum to erupt and fly up, out, and over Deni’s perfect ass. With the last drops of cum oozing from Gabriel’s cock he shoves it deep inside of the volcanic ass where the fire of desire turns into a warm, wet lustful rest.

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15 Oct 2017

I am pleased to see that Dennis has still got his high and extra tight haircut.that looks so good with his virtually hairless body.That ever-erotic Bubble Butt really and truly gets well worked over.,,,,

30 Nov 2018

Denis is so hot in sexy brief. He's handsome and huge. More Denis please

19 Oct 2022

Editor Strongboli, please bring back this Sexy Denis Sokolov soon back on stage. This native from Russia is amazing hot. Cannot wait to see his next performance .Denis Sokolov is such a good looking guy with a body every man could dream off. So friendly is he, his smooth chest, sensitive and perky nipples and his massive uncut banana dick makes him the hottest Russian dude ever. His perky nipples really turns me on hot to see his chest...his nipples are so ready to suck on... The Cast of this video is so great with also goodlooking Gabriel Lunna.. Gabriel Lunna in this scene, who really loves man to man sex encounters and sucking his huge cock and after all fucking Denis Sokolov very hard bareback in that bathroom...Want to see more soon on Denis Sokolov since this video which was from the year 2017..Where is he now??? this Russian guy so much !!

19 Oct 2022

I really hope that this goodlooking Russian guy makes a comeback to KB studios...Denis Sokolov...Of late I did not see any new video's of him since this video WET and also another which he did with Lucas FOX.... I hope that he did not left this great studio for ever but return soon back . Denis Sokolov has such a hot smooth male body and chest. His perky nipples really turns me on as he got undressed and walking in his sexy mans briefs... Hot encounter with hairy Gabriel Lunna here, Love this scene from the year 2017

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