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Barebackers: Sebastian Young, Logan Novak

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Logan Novak is new to Lucas Entertainment, but Michael Lucas snatched him right up when he showed interest in filming with the studio. But he put it out there right away that he was a bottom and wanted his first scene to be with a top that knows what’s he is doing. After all, who doesn’t admire a man who is confident in his skill? It just so happens that Sebastian Young was in town, and he was the perfect match for Logan, who was itching for a rough-and-tumble bareback fuck. And that’s exactly what Sebastian gives him!

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29 Sep 2017

This was billed as a potentially good hard fuck, but it turned out to be rather mundane, with very little attention paid to preparing Logan.for some heavy action. Only a one finger hole job, when he should have been well and truly-fisted...Frankly, it was all rather impersonal, hardly-affectionate, and scarcely- tactile.,, Sebastian kept the pace going, I have to admit, but he could have been so much more adventurous. Logan certainly would not have objected, but I do not think that on this occasion, The Earth moved for either of them. Sadly,it was a Humdrum Cum.......

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