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Loving Him Raw: Nova Rubio, Austin Chandler

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If you really care about your partner in bed, then there’s no better physical expression than “Loving Him Raw”! Marcus Isaacs and Drew Sumrok are both aware of this, so they have bareback sex slowly and intimately with one another. Nova Rubio and Austin Chandler enjoy deep and intimate raw sex by candlelight, while Joseph Rough and David Lambert demonstrate why young love is the most intense. And David Sweet and Axel Fulling give each other the gift of cum to express their feelings! Don’t hold back when you’re “Loving Him Raw”!

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27 Oct 2017

This is what some would judge to be in a category of lack lustre love.... The candle lit action is not nearly "sparky" enough...I was left wondering if Nova and Austin found it all rather tedious. They certainly did not get nearly excited enough about each other, , seeing that the action was Raw.and certainly did not make the best use out of their erections. They merely "went through the motions", and only at the time of the rather drawn out finale did the speed of thrusting, pick up for a few seconds to allow for Ejaculation Time. Disappointing, to say the very least.....

28 Oct 2017

Andrew, I found this film to be very erotic, tender and loving. Not all man-on-man sex has to be rough and rock 'em sock 'em.

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