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Day Into Night, Sc 1: Hunter Marx, Rogan Richards

Kristen Bjorn Play
Day Into Night, Sc 1: Hunter Marx, Rogan Richards
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Rising from the water as his wet, muscular body glistens, hard Hunter Marx spots a stroking Rogan Richards—and quickly gives him another cock to play with.

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25 Nov 2017

For a man that emerges from a swimming pool with a vamping erection, "Hunter" truly is potentially, in the category of being classed as "A Titan Man", However, Hunter Marx is sadly not as scintillating as he first appears, but his sexual manoeuvres are rather mundane., which is a shame when he is confronted by a very hot partner, who has rather noticeable fulsome nipples, adorned with silver rings , as well as a rounded , muscular Bubble Butt , that is so worth while rimming at length ; and which is as finely-formed as that of Rogan Richards, However, eventually,they both live happily ever after, with Hunter causing cock-ringed Rogan , to have a rather spectacular Penile Eruption. At that magic moment , he becomes a most memorable and highly-desirable " Titan Man.", with " A Capital T ".......

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