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Raw: Joseph Rough, David Lambert

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Young love is in the air, and the handsome young men Joseph Rough and David Lambert are all over each other as soon as they meet. They don't have much control with their wandering handles and hungry wet lips, and as soon as the oral sex starts there's no turning back for them. Both Joseph and David like to top and bottom, so they take turns riding each other raw! This is bareback sex that cannot be missed between two good looking young guys!

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03 Dec 2017

Painstaking preparatory work , always pays dividends, and this definitely is the case here, with nipples regularly stimulated , and the all-necessary Rimming,it is little wonder that that they both go to another planet, where floods of cum run freely....

04 Dec 2017

On second viewing, this video emphasises all th subtle moves that these two talented men do to fully-satisfy each other.. This really is a Master Class of Male Love Making....

05 Dec 2017

Mid way through this visually-successful video, there comes a magic moment that is seldom captured by The Pornographic Camera, (which , incidentally,is not documented by the Gallery Photos.)This is the sight of Joseph`s very photogenic Bubble Butt, with a well-pounded , puckered , deliciously hair-free anus, emitting a slow , but constant flood of thick white cum.. David also provides a frantic finale of very determined masturbation, whereby his Sperm Bank is impressively-emptied yet again.......By this time, his noticeable nicely-shaped Nob has termed erotically bright crimson. He is truly Virile , with a Capital "V "! Joseph is not far behind him, either....It has to be said that both of them are rather nicely made.

12 Dec 2017

One of the hottest videos I’ve seen on here (or elsewhere). When the load comes back out on session #2, it is amazing!

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