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Tomas Decastro, Tom Vojak FULL CONTACT

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Uber top Tom Vojak has found a real hot guy for his latest conquest, Tomas Decastro. He quickly has Tomas barechested as he kisses him. Tomas responds in kind and his cock seems hard in his jeans. Tom opens the jeans and Tomas' hard cock flops out for Tom to take it in his mouth. He sucks on the big cock as Tomas moans. Tom does a great job on that big dick before moving up to kiss Tomas again. Then Tom's massive dick is out too, as he takes his jeans off. He lays on the bed as Tomas gets between his legs and starts to suck that cock. Tom grabs Tomas' head and fucks his cock into the eager mouth. Then Tomas takes control of his sucking and wanking. Then he climbs over Tom for a 69. He sucks on Tom's big cock as his friend laps as his hot ass hole. Tomas knows what he wants and positions his ass over Tom's cock and then slides down on it. He rides the big cock taking it all the way in his ass. Tom fucks his cock up into the waiting hole opening it up real good. Then Tomas turns around and slides back down on the throbbing pole. His own cock stays rock hard as he rides. Tom fucks his hole making the cock bob up and down. Then Tomas comes of the cock and onto his knees. Tom goes behind him and slide his big cock back into the waiting ass. He fucks it hard and fast and spanks it as well. Tomas loves the feeling of that big occk in his hole and turns onto his back to be fucked some more. He grabs his own cock and wanks it as Tom fucks him deep and hard. He moans as he feel the dick slamming into his hole. His wanking speeds up too, until his shoots his creamy cum all over himself. Tom continues to fuck that hot ass until he is ready too and then pulls out. He shoots his hot cum all over Tomas. Then the two of them kiss and go off to the shower to clean up, with Tom relieving himself in the process.

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22 Apr 2018

Tomas Decastro is really hot man!

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