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Airport Security: Tomas Fuk, Martin Hovor

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Tomas Fuk is in charge of Airport Security and he has Martin Hovor in custody. Martin is shouting out to be released etc, as Tomas comes in to check him out. Tomas starts feeling over Martin's body, covering his mouth with a hand to stop the moaning. He gropes Martin through his jeans and then opens them to release the cock. Tomas wanks on that cock for a while. Then he releases Martin, pushing him to his knees. Tomas pulls out his own stiff cock and pulls Martin's hot mouth onto it. Martin sucks on the hard cock and grabs his own too. Having had his cock sucked Tomas wants more and bends Martin over. He shoves his big cock deep into Martin's waiting ass and starts to fuck it deep and hard. Martin takes that cock so well as Tomas fucks him hard. Then Tomas sits on the floor so that Martin can slide his hot ass down on that rock hard cock. Martin rides up and down on the dick, taking it so well as Tomas reaches around and wanks him. Martin's cock gets so hard as Tomas wanks him. Then with the dick deep in his ass Martin takes over the wanking and shoots his hot cum. He then kneels before Tomas and waits his the hot cucm to shoot out of the big cock, and onto his chest. Tomas duly delivers his creamy load and then send Martin on his way.

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30 Jun 2018

This scene is an interesting change of pace, and Martin Hover is a hottie!

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