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Raw Fuck: Dusan Polanek, Bradley Cook

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Two very hot guys give us a great scene, Bradley Cook is resting, as he is joined on the bed by Dusan Polanek. Bradley's gorgeous hairy ass is readily available as Dusan leans over and begins kissing it. He parts the hairy cheeks and laps at the tight hole. The light shimmers on the hairs as Dusan's hands rub over the ass. He continues to kiss it as he runs the hands over Bradley's back. He spanks the ass too and then goes back to lapping at the hot hole. Bradley reaches back to pull on his ass cheeks. Dusan licks a finger and slips it into the tight hole, spitting on the hole for extra lube. His finger works in and out of the hole getting it ready for more. But for that Bradley turns over so that Dusan can suck on his big, hard, cock. Dusan's mouth works on that stiff dick. He wanks it too and licks the big balls as well. After enjoying the hot mouth on his dick Bradley turns over again, raising his ass in the air. Dusan climbs on, sliding his throbbing cock deep intot he waiting ass. He fucks that ass deep and hard as Bradley reaches down and wanks himself between his legs. Dusan's dick is balls deep in that eager hole as he fucks it. He pounds the ass with Bradley taking every inch. Then Dusan sits on the bed so that Bradley can ride his rock hard pole. That sexy ass sits right down on the cock and rides up and down. Bradley wanks himself as he rides Dusan's cock. His tight hole grabs Dusan's cock as he slides up and down on it. Then he slides off the cock and kisses Dusan before laying on his back for more fucking. Dusan's dick goes back into Bradley's ass and fucks him deep. Bradley continues wanking himself as his ass gets stretched wide. Soon the hot cum shoots from Bradley's cock, up his chest and over his hairy legs. Dusan continues to pound the hot ass until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and dumps a big load all over the hot hole and balls.

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14 Jul 2018

It's always a treat to see Bradley Cook getting fucked!

18 Jul 2018

well, Bradley obviously needs circumcision

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