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The Plunge: Viktor Rom, Sebastian Reiss

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Victor Rom and Sebastian Reiss have started training together at the gym and return to Sebastian’s for some protein. As the guys enter the room it is not only their muscles that are bulging out, the underwear on these guys are unable to contain the beasts within. There is a lot of heavy bumping and grinding going on before Victor strips Sebastian of his underwear and spreads his muscular ass open to reveal that perfect, pink, pucker hole. The invitation is too great for Victor to refuse as he delves tongue deep into his hot ass. Victor spins Sebastian around and treats his cock to the same expert skills his ass just experienced. Victor slowly works his way down Sebastian’s cock until his beard brushes against that smooth ball sac. Sebastian is spun again and Victor moves in to savor more of that incredible ass. Victor continues spinning Sebastian, if it weren’t for all the frontwards and backwards pleasure, one might get dizzy. Sebastian is bent over the table and Victor probes his ass with his huge, dark cock. It is a slow and steady pulsation of total insertion and then completely retracting his cock forcing Sebastian to beg for more. Sebastian is spun around again and this time he devours the cock that has just impaled him. The scent of the fuck juices dripping from Victor’s cock grasps onto Sebastian’s desires and accelerates them beyond belief as Sebastian consumes the huge cock that just pierced him deeply. Sebastian not only cleanses all the fuck juices but leaves his cock well lubed before Victor rams his cock back into that hungry hole. Victor takes a seat as Sebastian grinds his ass down hard onto the mammoth mahogany cock. Sebastian rides Victor hard, forcing his cock deeper and deeper within his pleasure canal. Victor picks Sebastian up and places him on his cock as he carries him to the table and lies him down on his back. Sebastian’s legs are spread wide open as Victor enters him at full force. Sebastian is unable to resist the mounting pleasure as his cum explodes out of his dick and across his ripped abs. There is no better way to push Victor over the edge than a hot ass milking his cock and Victor’s cock has been milked for every drop of cum spewing forth and all over Sebastian’s balls. One last muscle stretch and this workout routing is complete.

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03 Aug 2018

There are a lot of things I like about this scene. One of the best parts is when Viktor picks Sebastian up, and continues fucking him while holding him. Hot!

04 Sep 2023

One of the hottest scenes, love the way they start frotting in briefs, so good

28 Apr 2024

Two fantastic men giving that extra bit of excellent. The whole video is so well constructed. I like the fact the lovers talk to each other, something special about Kristen Bjon videos.
Thank you for such an exciting video. It's very much appreciated.

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