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Raw Fuck: Bradley Cook, Erik Drda, Tomas Decastro

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Bradley Cook is shackled and blindfolded at the start of the scene, with a gag in his mouth too. He strains against the shackles but cannot release himself. Then Erik Drda and Tomas Decastro arrive.. They start to torment his nipples and feel his body. Erik's cock seems to be hard in his underwear as Tomas sucks on his nipples and Erik slaps his face. Tomas gropes the stiff cock through the underwear and then they attach clothes pins to Erik's nipples. His underwear is removed and Tomas grabs the throbbing cock and wanks it, and then starts to suck and lick it too. Erik flicks at the clothes pins on Bradley's nipples, making him moan. Soon Tomas is naked and rock hard too and Erik's dick is poking, hard, out of his pants. They raise Bradley's legs to expose his ass hole. Then inspect the hole and spank on that sexy ass as Tomas wanks the stiff dick. Erik takes a dildo and lubes it and then shoves it into Bradley's tight hole as Tomas goes back to sucking on that cock. Erik moans as his hole is stretched by the dildo. Erik keeps pushing it in and out of that hot hole as Tomas continues to suck and wank. Then that ass needs more and Tomas shoves his big cock deep inside. Bradley keeps up his moaning as his ass is pounded by Tomas' cock. Erik's hand is over Bradley's mouth as he keeps moaning as he is fucked deep and hard. Then it is Erik's turn to fuck that hot ass, and he goes for it big time, as Bradley wanks himself. Bradley's cock throbs in his hand as he wanks it hard and fast. He moans loudly as he wanks and shoots his hot cum over his belly, with Erik's dick still pounding his hole. Tomas wanks himself as Erik keeps fucking. Then Tomas rubs the tender head of Bradley's dick before he is turned onto his knees. Tomas shoves his dick back into that hot ass and fucks it deep. He is quickly ready to shoot his load and pulls out to dump his cum on Bradley's sexy ass. Erik the slides his dick back into the ass and fucks it deep. He pounds the hole until he is ready too and pulls out to shoot his hot load all over Bradley's hot ass. Having exhausted themselves Tomas and Erik leave Bradley to recover.

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19 Sep 2018

It's always a good day to watch Bradley Cook getting fucked!

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