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All Yours: Salvador Mendoza, Adrian Monroy

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Salvador Mendoza and Adrian Monroy decided to do something different tonight, they went out on a date for drinks and dinner. The drinks were good and strong, but their passion for one another had them skip dinner and jump right to dessert. The guys return to Salvador’s, where he immediately strips Adrian of his clothes and swallows his cock whole. Salvador loves the taste of that rich mocha colored cock as his lips encircle the base and his nose catches the wafting aroma of musk and pheromones.  Adrian has reached the brink and then backs off before it is too late. He then takes Salvador into his arms and kisses him seductively as he strips him of his underwear. Adrian lays back on the bench as Salvador mounts him and begins to feed him his cock. Salvador takes Adrian’s head into his hands and guides him deeper onto his cock. Adrian is a gifted cock sucker and is able to take all that Salvador is feeding him. Sliding off of Adrian, Salvador spreads his legs open and goes tongue first into the sweetness that lies spread before him. Adrian receives a hot, long tongue fucking before Salvador bends him over and shoves his huge cock deep into that wet, hairy hole. It takes Adrian a couple of moments to adjust and then he begins matching Salvador’s rhythm. As soon as Salvador feels this shift he begins the real hard fucking. The guys switch up and Adrian finds that squatting down onto Salvador’s big cock gives him better leverage to grind down hard on his cock. Salvador can feel Adrian’s pleasure building and switches it up again as he now has him on his back and his legs spread wide open as his throbbing cock pierces that hot fuck hole. This position and Salvador’s thick cock have hit Adrian in all the right places as he takes his cock in hand and sprays a huge load of creamy cum all over his abs. This only intensifies Salvador’s pleasure as he picks his tempo and then his cock erupts with cum flying everywhere. He teases Adrian’s ass with his cock coated in cum before shoving it back in him. Once you relax me, I am All Yours

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19 Oct 2018

Hot fucking scene!

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