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Studs: Jose Quevedo, Stephan Raw

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Jose Quevedo and Stephan Raw have just finished their workouts and are looking like two hot, muscled studs. As the guys explore the other’s ripped body, it is their hard cock muscle that is demanding all their attention. They relieve each other of their sweats and begin sucking cock, just what they love to do. After some hardcore, deep throat cock sucking Jose explores Stephan’s pink ass with his ravenous tongue. The guys swap positions again and this time Stephan buries his bearded lips into Jose’s hairy ass. Stephan moves into position so that Jose can sit down on his hot, curved cock that strokes Jose’s ass perfectly. Jose lowers his ass all the way down to Stephan’s furry balls, melding his hairy ass with Stephan’s furry balls. The guys then move into an acrobatic stunt position between 2 chairs that gives Stephan the perfect angle to go as deep as he desires. After giving Jose an acrobatic fuck, the guys flip and Jose plunges his cock deep into Stephan’s raw ass. Jose has been flipped this way and that, so much so that he can no longer hold back and creams Stephan’s ass with his creamy load of cum. Jose massages Stephan’s ass with his load of cum, which pushes Stephan over the edge. Stephan flips Jose onto his back and returns the favor and creams his ass with his load of cum as well. So good to have a friend that can go the distance and flip with you.

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30 Nov 2018

Amazin video with Stephan Raw, he's the best!

30 Nov 2018

wooof woof wooof!!!! hot video, hot couple!

22 Apr 2020

Two sexy men. Muscles. Hairy chest. HOT !

19 Oct 2022

Hottest man to man encounter with those 2 horse hung guys....meeting is their hme in Madrid was amazing to see.... Jose Quevado a Spanish native and Stephan Raw, are the hottest male cast ever seen. His tattoed body is so unique to see. Cannot imagine to see how horse hung Jose Quevado, his rock hard 21 cm banana dick is really visable to see in his brief underwear. So huge is his cock
.After he got undress I was surprised to see that huge uncut banana dick unfold out of his briefs Ready for Stephan Raw to suck on his big uncut cock. In return I love watching how Stephan Raw is sucking off Jose Quevado his huge man pole too and after all fucking Jose Quevado very hard in his hot ass. As always Kristen Bjorn is bringing us the hottest male cast with those good looking Stephan Raw and Jose Quevado

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