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Raw Fuck pt 1: Ondra Tark, Tomas Salek, Alan Penky

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We have three fantastic looking guys in XMAS RAW FUCK , Ondra Taryk, Tomas Salek and Alan Pekny. They are out enjoying the Christmas market in Prague, eating and drinking. Then they go back to the apartment. The three of them lay on the bed and Ondra suggests that it is time for some fun. He kneels and begins to show his muscles. As he removes his tee shirt to show his wonderful body he flexes his biceps. Alan and Tomas begin rubbing his legs and then reach over to kiss his chest. Then they each kiss Ondra too, all the while caressing that sexy body. Ondra then removes Tomas' tee shirt too and starts to kiss his body as Alan bares his hot chest too. Ondra turns and licks Alan's chest as Tomas flexes. They all flex, enjoying each other's hot bodies. They open the jeans and reach inside to grope each other. Ondra's jeans are pushed down and he takes them off as Tomas' stiff pokes out of his. He bends over and takes Ondra's dick in his mouth and start to suck it. Ondra's balls hang low as Tomas sucks on his throbbing cock. Tomas' head bobs on the stiff cock as Alan runs his hands over the sexy body. He kisses Ondra's chest and then he takes over from Tomas, sucking on the big cock. Ondra then sits and lays back so that both guys can take turns of his rock hard dick. Tomas then removes his jeans and soon has Ondra's hot mouth wrapped tight around it. Ondra sucks on that massive cock before giving way to Alan to have a taste too. Ondra and Tomas kiss as Alan sucks and then Tomas lays down for both guys to work on his cock and body. As they work on his cock Tomas' body writhes, which shows off his hot, hairy hole too. Raising his legs into the air that hot hole is shown even bettet and Ondra can't resist sliding a finger inside. Then he sucks Tomas' throbbing cock as Alan slips a finger into the hole. They swap again with Ondra's finger probing deep opening the hole nicely, ready for much more in part 2.

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12 Dec 2018

Santa´s little helpers are hot!

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