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Czech Up: Hugo Antonin, Alan Pekny

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Handsome str8 doctor Hugo Antonin is in his office. He is visited by sexy st8 guy Alan Pekny for a Czech Up. Hugo has a series of questions first, for Alan, and then he starts to examine him. Hugo removes his tee shirt to have his chest checked. Then Hugo feels around Alan's neck and checks his eye movement. Alan then turns and bends over for Hugo to examine his back. Next Alan has to remove his pants and underwear, as Hugo needs to do a prostate examination. With Alan naked Hugo feels around his groin. Then he tells Alan to climb onto the examination chair, with his legs in the stirrups. That exposes his ass for examination. Hugo hasn't had a prostate exam before but is assured that it will be ok. Hugo rubs his fingers over Alan's tight hole. Then he begins to push a finger into the ass hole. It goes in quite deep and then is pulled out. Pushing the finger in again Hugo fucks it in and out, changing fingers too. Then he uses two fingers to really stretch the hole. As he feels the fingers in his ass Alan begins to wank his cock. Hugo pulls his fingers out of that tight hole and leans forward to rim it. Then he takes Alan's cock in his mouth and sucks it. He moves to the side to suck on that cock as he fingers Alan's hole again. Alan loves the feeling of mouth on his dick and pushes Hugo's head down on it. Hugo moves Alan, bending him over the table. He then bares his chest and opens his pants to reveal his stiff dick. That cock is quickly shoved into Alan's waiting ass. Hugo fucks that ass deep with his throbbing cock. He fucks Alan with long, deep, thrusts of his dick. Then Hugo turns Alan onto his back and shoves his dick back into the waiting ass. He stretches that ass wide as he fucks it deep. Alan grabs his dick as he feels the cock fucking his ass. Wanking his cock hard Alan soon shoots his creamy cum onto his belly as Hugo fucks him. Then Hugo pulls out of that hot ass and dumps his hot cum over Alan's hot body.

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23 Jan 2019

Cute guys!

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