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Obey Me: Andy Onassis, Angelo Curti

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Andy Onassis has been impatiently waiting for Angelo Curti and now Angelo has to pay the price for keeping his daddy waiting. As Angelo offers himself up as Andy’s ottoman, he must also flex his ass for him as Andy applies a little discipline. Andy unleashes his mammoth cock and Angelo’s eyes pop wide open in amazement of the considerable size and also twinkle knowing that he gets to pleasure such a monster cock. Doing everything within his powers, Angelo opens his mouth as wide as it will go and attempts to suck and swallow as much of the massive cock that he can. Andy then stands up, picks Angelo up and flips him upside down as he begins eating that hot, hairy ass of Angelo’s. Interestingly enough, Angelo seems to do better in this position with sucking on Andy’s rock-solid cock. Andy flips Angelo down and over the chair as his monstrous cock splits his ass wide open. As Andy pounds his fist onto Angelo’s lower back it is his huge cock that is giving Angelo the real pounding. Angelo proves that he is a true connoisseur of giant cocks as he lowers his furry ass down and onto Andy’s awaiting anaconda. Angelo spins around and faces Andy as Andy stands up and takes Angelo’s hairy ass cheeks into his hands and controls the raw ass fucking. Andy lowers Angelo to the floor and Angelo moves into position to take Andy’s hot load of cum in his mouth. Angelo takes his creamy load of cum and makes sure to suck that fat cock dry of all of its milk. Angelo then takes Andy’s glass of white wine and mixes his hot load of cum into the glass. With his cum thoroughly mixed with the wine, Angelo finishes off Andy’s wine. We have new flavor of wine to market, anyone want to do some taste testing?

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22 Feb 2019

Andy has the best cock ever! I'd sure like to take a spin on it!

22 Feb 2019

The wine offers thousands of possibilities and enjoying its intense bouquet and flavor in a glass is only one of them. HOT VIDEO.

23 Feb 2019

Great scene! Let's see oral cumshots more often!

23 Feb 2019

More Andy please. He is the perfect man!

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