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Raw Fuck: Tomas Selek, Dan Holan

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Sexy str8 guy Tomas Salek is in charge of Airport Security. He is in his office when Dan Holan is sent in for investigation. He has a problem with his ID. It seems the ID is out of date, but Dan needs to travel to see his girlfriend. Tomas doesn't seem interested in that and instead insists that he will need to search Dan. He makes him strip, and Dan is rock hard as he takes off his jeans. Something has turned him on and Tomas is happy to take advantage. He drops his pants to release his own stiff cock, which Dan is soon sucking. Tomas fucks his dick into Dan's mouth as he holds the back of his head. Tomas' dick is rock hard and fucks deep into Dan's mouth. Dan's head bobs on the cock, taking it all. Tomas is enjoying the hot mouth on his dick and sits down to relax as the mouth works his dick. Dan has to lick the big balls too and up and down Tomas stiff shaft. After doing a great job on that cock, with his mouth, Dan has to give up his ass too . Tomas fucks him from behind, his dick going deep into the hot hole as Dan moans with each thrust. The fucking gets faster and Dan's moans increase too as Tomas pounds his hole. He moves Dan onto the floor so he can fuck as they spoon . With that dick deep in his ass Dan wanks himself and shoot a huge, creamy, load all over his right thigh. Tomas continues to fuck that hot ass and then pulls out and dumps his creamy cum over Dan's balls. He milks his cock dry to end a great scene.

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05 Mar 2019

Tomas is a hottie!

09 Feb 2023

Hottie is an understatement. Tomas is gorgeous. I love a muscular, hairy guy who is also very cute.

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