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Fiery: Salvador Mendoza, Italo Gang

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Italo Gang has a fiery desire burning deep within his core as he awaits the arrival of Salvador Mendoza. Salvador arrives and the heat of passion raises to dangerous levels as Italo leans in and begins to inhale the aroma exuding from Salvador’s stretched jock strap. Italo releases Salvador’s rich mahogany cock and begins devouring it as if he were a wild beast on the brink of famine. As his cock glistens so boldly, Italo continues forcing the long cock shaft as far down his throat as humanly possible. Before things go too far, Salvador spreads Italo’s legs open and takes pleasure in probing and fucking his smooth pucker hole with his hot tongue. Italo shows Salvador some of his flexibility tricks and puts one foot up on the upper stair while his other remains on the floor, impressed Salvador rams his wet cock deep inside of Italo’s equally moist ass. Salvador gives Italo a hard fucking, so much so that he almost knocks him off balance with his deep, penetrating fucking. Italo is moved to all 4’s, a position that Salvador favors, it allows him the deep penetration that he likes so well. Not only is Salvador capable of a deeper penetration but he can slam Italo’s ass as hard as he desires. This time Italo is flipped onto his back and Salvador continues with his assault upon that very talented ass. As Italo moans with pleasure, Salvador hears it as “fuck me harder” and gives him a fucking not on a beginner’s level. With all the hard ass, raw fucking, Salvador is ready to explode, but he wants to watch Italo enjoy his load of cum so he stands up and sprays his creamy load of cum all over Italo’s face, mouth, tongue and lips. As Italo eats, sucks and laps up all of Salvador’s cum he erupts with his own load of cum. Italo sucks Salvador’s cock clean of all the cum and Salvador leans in for a delicious kiss of cum.

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08 Mar 2019

Hot scene! Salvador is the best!

08 Mar 2019

One of my favorite recent scenes that I'll be watching over and over. Salvador OWNS Italo's hole, and Italo is only too glad to give it to him! Magic happens when an a bottom with a hot hole is paired with a very capable top. Bravo!

Luigi Boccherini
08 Mar 2019

Great scene, versatility always is boring and flat. Salvador is an alpha male and Italo a submissive passive and willing to give pleasure, a hole to satisfy a good stallion. Who cares about his cock? Italo is a hungry pussy. More please!!!!

08 Mar 2019

Oh my.......pretty hot for sure

Bob, the (body)builder
12 Mar 2019

What a beautiful hole!
And the Oscar for the best bottom goes to Italo Gang - but Andy Star is also nominated!

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