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Daniele & His Buddies, SC1

Kristen Bjorn Play
Daniele & His Buddies, SC1
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Daniel is in the kitchen, baking the way nature intended, completely naked! As he works that dough, wearing nothing but an apron, his friend Giuseppe arrives. Immediately Giuseppes hand is drawn to Daniels incredible ass. The two guys work the dough for a few minutes, but Daniels plan worked, and before you know it, hes laying on the bed, his thick uncut cock getting the oral attention it deserves. ​ Daniel soon lies back on the couch, lifting his legs high in the air and spreading his magnificent ass cheeks open so his Giuseppe can get his tongue in there. After a nice juicy rimming, Daniel switches to sucking Giuseppes hard cock. He works that cock until Giuseppe shoots his load all over Daniels chest but with his cock still hard, he decides to climbs on top of Daniels throbbing cock, his own fat dick bouncing around with each thrust up and down ​ They switch to doggy position with Daniel taking him from behind, his thigh muscles flexing and that incredible ass hard and firm as he pumps his friends equally smooth, firm ass. He fucks him him until hes ready to blow, and pulls out to shoot his load all over Giuseppes back and ass cheeks, rubbing the cum all over that just fucked ass.​

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03 Apr 2019

Daniel's hot!

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