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Daniele & His Buddies, SC 3

Kristen Bjorn Play
Daniele & His Buddies, SC 3
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Stefano tells the story of his straight friend Luca, and gets so excited he starts jerking off while he remembers the time he plowed his buddys ass. Stefano is sitting on a bench, with Luca slowly and thoroughly licking and sucking his balls and the base of his cock, then taking the full thing in his mouth while Stefano squirms and slaps his hard cock against Lucas mouth. Things get a little more athletic when Stefano moves into position almost doing push ups over Luca, thrusting his cock into that eager, willing mouth. ​ They do their own take on a 69 position, but while Stefanos got his cock in Lucas mouth, Lucas legs are in the air, and Stefano is concentrating on his smooth-shaven asshole. He runs his finger around the hole and lets his spit dribble down to lube his fingers as they work Lucas little pink rosebud. ​ When Lucas ass is juicy wet and ready for a fucking, he squats down over Stefanos dick, burying that stiff rod deep in his ass. They take turns, Luca thrusting himself down, then Stefano fucking hard, thrusting up into Lucas asshole as Lucas hard cock bounces around with each thrust. They switch positions one last time so Stefano can do him hard from behind, his balls slapping against Lucas ass cheeks.​

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12 Feb 2023

como puedo descargar esta escena Daniele budies SC 3

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