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Bedfellows: Marcos Oliveira, Xavi Garcia

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Marcos Oliveira and muscle daddy Xavi Garcia have been fuck buddies for a long time, so they know exactly how to pleasure one another. Xavi pulls Marcos’ extra long cock out of his briefs, and procedes to swallow as much of it as he can, while jacking on his own dick. Marcos and Xavi then get into a 69 position so that Marcos can also suck on Xavi’s uncut meat while he pumps his own cock into Xavi’s mouth. Marcos then moves to on to Xavi’s ass in order to lick his furry hole. When Xavi’s manhole is lubed up enough, Marcos shoves his cock inside, and fucks him furiously. Marcos´ass is also hungry, so he sits on Xavi’s raw shaft, and bounces up and down. To get Xavi’s cock even deeper inside, Marcos swings around and rides Xavi like a wild bronco. Then it’s Xavi’s turn to get fucked again. Marcos navigates his huge cock back into Xavi’s hole, and gives him a hard fuck, taking both men to the brink of no return. Xavi shoots his load with Marcos deep inside him. Then Marcos’s pulls out and shoots his hot cum on Xavi’s ass, and then reinserts it to be sure that Xavi’s hole gets the jizz it so craves.

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24 May 2019

This flip fuck is scene is great! I can't get enough of Marcos!

24 May 2019

It's good to see Marcos getting fucked again. He should bottom more often!

24 May 2019

Hot scene! More Marcos, please - a fantastic performer. A shame, though, that Xavi's cum goes to waste - you used to have a higher rate of oral cumshots and it would be nice if there were more.

26 May 2019

Fantastic scene. I love the way Marcos switches between fucking Xavi's ass, and rimming it. Hot!

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