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Daniele & His Buddies, SC 5

Kristen Bjorn Play
Daniele & His Buddies, SC 5
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This scene opens with Alessio laying down on a table, his mouth open and eager to suck on Matthias thick cock. Hes sucking slowly, licking and teasing the head until Matthias decides to help him out, thrusting into his mouth. With Alessios big red cocksucker lips wrapped around Matthias shaft, the two work hard to get it all the way down Alessios throat. ​ Alessio moves to the floor so Matthias can stand over him, one leg on the chair, giving him perfect traction to thrust into Alessios eager mouth. ​ The position gives us a great view of Matthias hot, muscled ass, flexing and pumping as he moves his cock in and out, mouth-fucking Alessio. That hot cocksucker loves every inch being thrust into his mouth, until at last, the money shot and Alessio happily works out every last drop of Matthias salty cum. ​

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02 Jun 2019

Matthias is incredibly hottttttt!

23 Jun 2019

I agree with Dean. Matthias got a big cock and a massive ass. He's so handsome as well. Italian men are sexy. I love to fuck with him everyday

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