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Morning Wood: Andy Star, Lucio Saints

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Lucio Saints and Andy Star, two of the biggest names in the business show us what happens when they wake up, just like you and I do with our Morning Wood. Andy is the first to wake up and awakens Lucio with a tender kiss and a tug on his constrained, massive cock. As the kissing intensifies, Andy climbs onto Lucio and begins feeding him his handsome cock. Lucio is eager to wrap his lips around that hot cock as he feels Andy’s magnificent ass in his hands. Andy does everything within his abilities to choke down Lucio’s monster cock and achieves a major feat then moves onto Lucio’s swelling ball sac. Even Lucio’s huge ball sac proves to be a challenge as he grabs them firmly and begins stuffing them into Andy’s hungry mouth. Andy knows the incredible talents of Lucio’s tongue and lowers his smooth ass over his face as Lucio’s tongue darts out and hits it target. Lucio gives Andy’s perfect ass a bathing worthy of any true ass  connoisseur. With his ass freshly bathed in Lucio’s saliva, Andy moves into position and consumes Lucio’s entire throbbing cock balls deep into his ass. Lucio gets off on Andy’s enamoredness for getting fucked and gives him exactly what he desires, a deep, raw fucking. Andy moves to all 4’s as Lucio comes in from behind and buries his sumptuous cock deep inside of his hungry ass. Lucio pulls his cock out of Andy’s ass numerous times, just to remind him of how big his monster is and how deep it is going to go. It is evident that Andy has woken up in heaven as his cock amazingly continues to become a steal girder that will not falter or soften. Lucio flips Andy onto his back and shows us just how luscious his cock is as it penetrates Andy and fills both men with the ultimate pleasure. Andy has to back off several times so that the inevitable doesn’t arrive to quickly. Lucio continues with his deep ass raw fucking that drives them both closer to the edge of the precipice of pleasure. No sooner said then done as Andy rips off a creamy load of cum that coats his ripped, muscular abs. This only pushes Lucio into a more fevered pitch as his cock is unrelenting and sets its sites on the momentous explosion. Lucio pops his cock out in time to cream Andy’s pink hole with his thick load of cum that seems to never end. Lucio shoves his cock back into Andy then leans in and uses his lips and tongue to lap up his and Andy’s cum as he works his way up Andy’s torso and then shares both of their loads with him. This summer’s blockbuster has just arrived!

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31 May 2019

Lucio Saints is so hot! The rugged good looks, the tattoos, the super suckable ears and that magnificent cock! He could fuck me senseless any day of the week! Maybe I was too restrained about his cock….it is fucking awesome!

31 May 2019

perfect top, perfect bottom.

31 May 2019

Fanfuckingtastic pairing. Damn I missed Lucio. And Andy is such a great bottom.

31 May 2019

Great sex - perfect scene when the top eats the cum he just deposited into the bottom's fuck hole.

08 Sep 2021

That Lucio such a hot stud and boy does he know how to fuck...

20 Oct 2022

Hottest man to man encounter with those 2 horse hung guys....Was amazing to see both guys in their tight briefs, showing their huge uncut banana dicks.... Lucio Saints and Brazilian Andy Star are the hottest male cast ever seen. Cannot imagine to see how horse hung Lucio Saints is, he has a nice facial beard, his tattoed chest and his perky nipples are so hot too. His rock hard 21 cm banana dick was really visable in his underwear...So huge is his cock for sure.
.After he got undress I was surprised to see that huge uncut banana dick unfold out of his underwear. Ready for Andy Star to suck on his big uncut cock. In return I love watching how Lucio Saints s sucking off Andy Star his huge man pole too and after all fucking Andy Star very hard in his hot ass. Hottest male cast you bring us Strongboli, with those gorgeous men as, Lucio Saints and Andy Star.

20 Oct 2022

Lucio Saints is my favorite man so far at KB. His tattoed chest and body, his perky and sensitive nipples and of course his huge uncut banana dick really turns me on, every time I see him on stage. This Veneziela native guy is 1 of the hottest guy ever seen, he enjoy man to man sex encounters.....eating man ass too as he did with Andy Star....I love this encounter with Andy Star and cannot wait for the next performance with horse hung Lucio Saints....

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