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Fit To Fuck: Kris de Fabio, Salvador Mendoza

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You spoke and we listened, we joined together two of your favorite models Kris de Fabio and Salvador Mendoza. Kris and Salvador were wondering why this took so long to happen and were very excited to be a part of this project. The guys stripped down to their KB’s and the intensity in their eye gaze told us this was going to be a really hot encounter. As the electricity flowed from one to the other it was the kiss that ignited the flames of desire. As Salvador’s lips get a taste of Kris’ smooth cock he is hooked and can’t get enough of it. His lips run up and down the shaft as his teeth turn their attention to chewing on his ample foreskin then back to swallowing his cock. The guys swap and Kris’ tongue is wagging before he even gets to Salvador’s robust cock. The pleasure that Kris is experiencing shows all over his face and his rock-solid cock. Kris masterfully sucks his cock, forcing the full length into his mouth and down his throat. Salvador bends Kris over and delves into his picture-perfect pink hole tongue first. Being a connoisseur of ass eating, Salvador has an appetite that can’t be satiated. Kris then feels Salvador’s scorching cock pierce his wet ass and Kris lets out a moan that signals Salvador that he is ready for all has to give him. Salvador thrusts in and out several times before he sets his rhythm for a deep, hard ass fucking and Kris responds with sheer blissful rapture. With all this hot fucking, Salvador’s ass is hungry for some action as well and Kris flips him and rams his raw cock into his Colombian ass. Kris gets flipped and finds himself on his back, legs wide open and Salvador’s cock penetrating him perfectly. We paced the guys as best as possible, but the passion and chemistry was stronger than any possible control. Salvador’s aggressive fucking has thrust Kris into ecstasy as his thick load of cum flows up and out of his cock and onto his hot six pack. As Kris’ cum splatters forth, Salvador intensifies his fucking before he pulls out and showers Kris’s open mouth with his scorching load. Kris sucks Salvador’s cock dry of the remainder of his cum. When the chemistry is intense so are the explosions of cum.

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07 Jun 2019

Wow, great scene! I could watch these two hot guys suck and fuck each other for ever! The only thing that would be even better is if I were in the middle...

07 Jun 2019

Great clip, Kris de Fabio is the best!

07 Jun 2019

OMG. Where to begin?

First, Kris De Fabio and Salvador Mendoza are two of my all-time favorites. So happy to see them in a scene together. It is beautiful to see them so thoroughly enjoy pleasuring one another. Watching Kris give such a big smile as he is getting fucked by Salvador is such a treat. HOT scene!! Thanks, Kristen! xoxo

10 Jun 2019

Great Clip!! I like Kris

14 Jun 2019

Love this scene! Soooo hottttt!

22 Jun 2019

Good video, yesss!!!

10 Mar 2022

An incredible scene, both stars are hot as hell.

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