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Time For Action: Attila Kardos, Apolo Fire

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While out at the street festival, Apolo Fire eyes up a hot guy, Attila Kardos and invites him back to his flat conveniently located just around the corner. Things heated up real fast at the festival and continued to sizzle once behind closed doors. As the kissing escalates to an arousing level, so do both men’s bulges in their shorts. The cocks come out and Apolo drops to his knees and begins running his succulent lips up and down the smooth shaft of Attila’s rock-hard cock. Attila likes the force and velocity that Apolo sucks cock and guides him with his hand on the back of his head. The guys swap positions and Attila quickly feels the meatiness of Apolo’s cock filling his mouth and stabbing the back of his throat. After swapping cock sucking with each other, Apolo turns around, spreads the massive mounds of his ass muscles and Attila rams his raw cock deep inside of his hot, pink hole. Attila pulls his cock out multiple times and thrusts it right back in, forcing the blood to flood into Apolo’s throbbing cock. With Apolo’s cock wanting for pleasure, the guys swap up and Attila lowers his muscular ass onto Apolo’s fat cock. With Attila’s cock rock-solid, Apolo knows that he is stroking a fire deep within Attila that will soon be out of control. Apolo edges Attila to the very threshold of no return just before Attila flips Apolo, spreads his legs open and shoves his cock deep inside. Attila has been edged for too long and cannot hold back and gives Apolo a deep pounding that causes Apolo’s cock to erupt all over his ripped abs. Attila pulls his cock out and creams Apolo’s tight, hairy ball sac with his load of cum before shoving his cock back inside of that hot, wet ass. You could call that a Pride "PFF"  Festival Fuck!

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14 Jun 2019

Hot scene! I'm a big fan of Attila and Apolo, I'm glad to see the back, and together.

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