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Furry & Smooth: Xavi Garcia, Gian Rey

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Xavi Garcia is at his cousin’s wedding when he spots Gian Rey, their eyes meet and the chemistry is ignited between them. They quickly grab a glass of champagne and leave the festivities for Xavi’s flat. Back at Xavi’s the chemistry between the two is set to flames as the kissing is romantic and passionate. Passionate kissing leads to throbbing cocks begging to be released and when Xavi’s fat, uncut cock comes out Gian is there to swallow him whole. With Xavi’s cock stuffed down his throat, Gian inhales deeply as his nose is nuzzled deep in the patch of fur just above Xavi’s cock. Gian inhales deeply and as the pheromones fill his senses his cock is a raging erection ready to explode. Xavi takes full advantage of Gian’s hard cock and sucks on it for all he desires. Xavi is intrigued by how smooth Gian’s body is, such a contrast from his own. The difference between the two men is the same attraction between the two men. Xavi bends Gian over and buries his thick beard between the two smooth mounds and begins fucking him with his insatiable tongue. Once saturated with his saliva,naked daddy Xavi stands up and gently slides his raw cock into Gian’s smooth ass. Gian responds in full adulation of the sensation shooting throughout his body, driven deeper with every thrust of Xavi’s cock. The guys switch up and Gian squats down hard onto Xavi’s awaiting cock and rides him like a captive bull just set free. Gian then finds himself on his back with Xavi’s furry bush brushing against his smooth ass as their fucking intensifies. Demanding Xavi to fuck him, both men’s cocks reach their pinnacle of pleasure and just then Xavi backs off and edges both men closer and closer to ecstasy. The threshold of pleasure has been crossed and Xavi rams his cock harder and deeper into Gian as Gian’s cock erupts with a thick, creamy load of cum. Gian’s cum continues to flow until Xavi joins him and dumps his load all over Gian’s balls and shoves his cock back into his ass to finish off his explosion of cum. Romance can bring out the savage beast in us all.

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19 Jul 2019

Very hot scene!

19 Jul 2019

Gian Rey is super sexy and a HOT fucking bottom!

19 Jul 2019

Hot scene and nice action!! Good to see sexy Asian Gian Rey back!!

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