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Afternoon Delight: Santiago Rodriguez, Guillem Ramos

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Santiago Rodriguez and Guillem Ramos are finding it hard to take some time off from work to get away, so they settle for an Afternoon Delight. Both men slip out of work at a specified time and meet up at home for a hotly anticipated encounter. It’s always more fun when you add a little naughtiness into the mix. Time is not on their side, so they quickly strip down and thee naked men get to business. Cocks raging hard, lips succulent, desire on overdrive, let the afternoon turn into a torrid, sexual explosion. Santiago begins sucking on Guillem’s succulent cock and balls, feeling the blood coursing through its veins, making it rock-solid. Both men’s sensations are on heightened arousal and Guillem knows that if Santiago continues at this pace, he will blow his load. Guillem drops to his knees and swallows Santiago’s huge cock to the balls. Santiago also feels the excitement building in his balls and quickly turns around and has Guillem fuck him with his talented tongue. Guillem loves Santiago’s smooth, chestnut ass and can’t get his tongue deep enough, no matter how hard he tries. Since he can’t get his tongue deep enough, Guillem stands up and slips his raging hard cock full depths into Santiago’s wet hole. Santiago fights to control his breathing and soon the two are working together towards a higher level of passion. The guys switch it up and this time Santiago takes control by lowering his hot ass down and onto Guillem’s awaiting cock. The intensity of their fucking is reaching a fevered level that leaves only two options, change it up or cum. Too early to cum, so Guillem spreads his legs open and Santiago guides his cock head deeper as it presses against Guillem’s furry ass. Santiago’s penetrating cock causes Guillem to gasp for air, but only for a moment as he quickly comes up to speed and the two men are rapidly picking up the pace. Soon Guillem takes his cock into his hand as his balls are drawing up tight and Santiago is increasing his thrusting. Santiago’s fucking has touched Guillem in a very special way and ignites his load of cum to ooze from his flared cock head. All that hot action has driven Santiago over the edge as he unleashes his load of cum all over Guillem’s cock and balls. Santiago leans in and laps his cum from Guillem’s cock. No time to shower, guess they will have to return to work with the smell of cum on their breath and bodies.

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13 Sep 2019

Very hot scene! Cute guys!

13 Sep 2019

Two hot, big dicked guys fucking each other; that's what I like! Good pairing, and great scene!

20 Nov 2021

Guillem is incredibly sexy!!

08 Oct 2022

One of the hottest video at KRISTEN BJORN, with those 2 good looking men French native, Guillem Ramos and Santiago Rodriguez. It was love at first sight when I saw first saw this hot French native dude Guillem Ramos. This guy has a body every man could dream off, so muscular and as soon as he got undressed, taking off his T-shirt, I was breathless. Guillem Ramos, his smooth body with his sensitive and perky nipples makes him such a amazing hot guy . His nipples are amazing hot and they are so suckable too...I really enjoy nipple play on men....... I enjoy this hot man to man encounter with horse hung Guillem Ramos and Santiago. Guillem who is a hot TOP too and he likes to fucked hot guys as Santiago Rodriguez really hard bareback.. Santiago has a huge 22cm uncut cock and balls and hot bottom in this scene... This was a great video..."Afternoon delights" scene ever with those 2 hot and hung men !!!

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