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Win Win: Andy Onassis, Klein Kerr

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After countless emails your voice was heard and two of the worlds hottest, sexiest stars, Klein Kerr and Andy Onassis have come together on screen for you. As the two men enter the room the chemistry between them explodes as they lean in and begin to kiss passionately. The cocks are released and Andy takes Klein’s long and lustful big boy dick deep into his mouth as he strokes his huge, fat cock. Andy takes time to pull Klein’s hood completely forward and probes his tongue inside and finds the juicy head beginning to ooze its pre-cum. Klein swaps positions with Andy and opens his mouth and throat as much as physically possible and begins sucking on Andy’s massive cock. The sheer girth of Andy’s cock stretches Klein’s cock sucking skills, yet Klein gives it all he has and chokes it down as best as possible. Andy admires Klein’s great cock sucking efforts and takes his head in his hands and begins face fucking Klein. Andy is hungry and wants more, he has Klein sit in the chair and immediately lowers his hairy ass completely down onto his elongated cock and takes full charge of this raw ass fucking. The guys trade off and Klein ramps up the fucking to a rapid-fire piston that drives Andy wild with pleasure. The guys trade off control before Andy bends Klein over and begins eating his ass and sucking his cock intermittently. With Klein’s ass nice and wet Andy stands up and thrusts his monster cock deep into Klein’s ass. Andy is relentless in his fucking as Klein steps up and “takes it like a man” as his rock-solid cock proves how versatile he truly is. Klein flips Andy onto his back and rams his hard cock back into his furry ass. The chemistry continues building as Klein and Andy work together as they are both reaching ecstasy simultaneously. Andy’s cock expands to full mass as his colossal cock head expands and explodes his thick load of cum. Klein pulls his cock out of Andy’s ass and showers Andy’s meaty thighs with his hot load of cum. Andy and Klein thank you for bringing them together in this explosion of chemistry and cum.

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27 Sep 2019

Very hot! It's good to see Andy bottoming again!

27 Sep 2019

Nice ! Tastefully done

05 Oct 2019

Andy is hot! More of him please.

03 Apr 2022

What a fabulous scene! Both guys are gorgeous.

13 Jul 2022

Caralho! muito bom

Irving Wever
06 Oct 2022

Woow, again a great video with my favorite Klein Kerr wiith this hairy chested dude Andy Onasis. Was a pleasure to see how he sucks on that huge 23 cm shaft of Klein Kerr...and finally he got fucked too bareback by Klein Kerr in return.... Love that foreskin on Klein Kerr his huge cock....was so hot to watch. Cannot wait to see both muscular Klein Kerr and Andy coming back in action soon again

06 Oct 2022

Editor Kristen Bjorn, this was a great video...with Klein Kerr and Andy Onasis... Can you arrange a video with Klein Kerr starring with Brazilian native JAY Anders or Venezuela native Guido PLAZA or Dani Brown from Colombia, in the coming weeks ? cannot wait to see those hot guys in action...

11 Dec 2022

Love the way he was bouncing on that dick!

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