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Short Distances: Lucio Saints, Salvador Mendoza

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Living a short distance away from your special friend has many benefits, but when you both travel a lot for work it is important to capitalize on that time you are together and that is exactly what Lucio Saints and Salvador Mendoza are doing today. When your friendship is this close there is no need to answer the door full dressed and its more inviting when you open that door and look so sexy in your tight underwear with a huge dick bulge. Upon Lucio’s arrival the guys jump on the bed for some playful roughhousing and passionate kissing. Lucio strips Salvador of his underwear and immediately begins on chewing, lick and exploring Salvador’s foreskin. Once Salvador’s foreskin has been retracted, Lucio moves in for a deep throat cock sucking that makes what was a steel road into a rigid, granite pillar of pleasure. As Lucio sucks on Salvador’s latin cock he works his magical lips and tongue to Salvador’s hot pucker hole and begins to probe and lick it and drive him wild with pleasure. Salvador then swaps with Lucio and swallows his cock whole, stuffing ever inch of that equally magnificent monster cock down his throat. Lucio takes control and puts Salvador’s head in his hands and guides him up and down his cock shaft until they are able to reach a face fucking pace that is expertly executed. Salvador then flips Lucio onto his back and rams his raw cock deep into his furry ass. Lucio throws his head back as his eyes flutter in the sheer pleasure that is overtaking his body with every thrust of Salvador’s huge cock into his ass. Lucio is then flipped over and half off the bed for a view of their fucking that is absolutely captivating. Switching up again, this time Lucio squats his ass down onto Salvador’s pulsating cock and begins to ride him hard. Lucio has ridden Salvador to the point of no return as Salvador stands up and unleashes his load of cum all over Lucio’s famished lips and tongue. As Lucio is sucking the cum off of Salvador’s cock, he shoots his load of cum all over his ripped abs. No matter the distance, maximize your time with those that are special to you.

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29 Nov 2019

Its hot to see Lucio getting plowed by Salvador!

29 Nov 2019

Hot XXL combintation, great video!

29 Nov 2019

Oh my……………The only issues I’m having was this scene wasn’t long enough!

30 Nov 2019

An unsurprisingly hot pairing. We don't see Lucio bottom often enough, and we don't get enough oral cumshots these days, so it was a treat to have both together.

17 Oct 2022

What a hot video scene again KB, with those 2 favorite men Salvador Mendoza (Expert) and Lucio Saints. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Salvador Mendoza his male body after getting undressed and showing his hot nude male body, starring in this video. Salvador has a body every man could dream off, his friendly smile, muscular body and his perky and sensitive nipples are so amazing hot !! His uncut 24 cm cock and balls are really massive and huge ! Hottest man to man sex encounter with horse hung Lucio Saints, who know how to kiss a man and sucking big cock too in this hot man to man sex encounter. Lucio Saints has a nice facial beard and hot senstive and perky nipples too. Love to watch how Salvador is sucking that huge head and uncut banana dick of Lucio Saints, while they lying on the bed and after all Lucio Saints gets fucked really hard bareback by Salvador Mendoza. Editor Mr. Strongboli, this is 1 of the hottest video's ever seen with those 2 favorite guys of me !! Bring them both back on stage again !

11 Dec 2022

fuck yeah!

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