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No Holes Barred: Lex Anders, Apolo Fire

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When these two huge men, Lex Anders and Apolo Fire come together there are no holes barred. The chemistry between the two ignites the moment they spot each other in the room and all sexual options are on the table for pleasure. Lex and Apolo come together in an explosive kissing session that is aggressive and electrifying. Their cocks are unleashed and Lex pounces on Apolo’s huge, uncut latin big boy dick with his voracious mouth. Lex’s cock sucking is intense and to the base as he feels the heat radiating from Apolo’s all the way down his stretched throat. Apolo then takes his time sucking on Lex’s big dick as it parts his full lips and glides across his hungry tongue. The guys go back and forth with their expert cock sucking skills until both men’s cocks are in their full and upright position. The tension is mounting and Apolo bends Lex over and rams his raw cock deep into his hairy ass. Apolo fucks Lex with an intensity that only makes both cocks that much stronger. Pulling his cock in and out of Lex’s ass only adds to the thrill that Lex’s ass is experiencing and brings Apolo’s cock head to a full expanse. The guys switch up positions and this time Lex gets to fuck and pleasure himself as he lowers his hot ass onto Apolo’s throbbing cock. Lex turns his body towards us so that we may enjoy the full penetration and the view of Lex’s cock as it rebounds with ever growing excitement. With that excitement building in his cock, Lex flips Apolo onto his back and shoves his cock into his massive, muscular ass. Lex fucks with a veracity that brings both men that much closer to the pinnacle of pleasure. Apolo is riding this high of indulgence to the max as he reaches for his cock and explodes his thick, creamy load of cum all over his ripped abs. Lex continues with his aggressive fucking then pulls out and creams Apolo’s face with his heavy load of cum. When you reach this level of sexual freedom there is only pleasure to be had.

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27 Dec 2019

Wow, what a great scene! I'm glad to see both Lex and Apolo back, and it's really hot to see them fucking each other!

28 Dec 2019

I love to see big, manly men fucking and getting fucked! Congrats, this is damn hot scene!

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