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A Private Pilot: Juanjo Rodriguez, Mario Roma

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Juanjo Rodriguez is a private pilot for hire and agrees to meet up with one of his clients, Mario Roma. During their recent flight Mario couldn’t help but notice how sexy and muscular Juanjo is. Juanjo arrives and quickly finds out that this is not a usual business meeting as Mario begins stripping down, showing off a huge dick bulge. It has been a long day and Juanjo could use a good release and agrees to indulge his client. Mario drops to his knees and begins to consume and suck on Juanjo’s hard, uncut cock. After sucking Juanjo’s cock to its full strength he swaps with Mario and shows him he is just as talented at sucking cock as the big, muscle bear. Mario is flipped onto his back and Juanjo begins feasting on his hairy ass. After a thorough feasting, Juanjo comes in from behind and slips his hot cock deep into Mario’s wet ass. Juanjo slowly builds his pace as Mario relaxes and accommodates his pounding cock. Mario gets flipped onto his side and Juanjo picks up his fucking much to Mario’s pleasure. Once again Mario is flipped onto his back this time and on the edge of the sofa as Juanjo rams his cock deep into his hungry ass. This position rubs Mario in just the right way as his cock swells to full girth. Juanjo continues with his deep fucking as Mario grabs his cock and strokes out his thick, creamy load of cum all over his hairy chest and abs. Mario scoops up his cum and coats Juanjo’s cock with his hot load and the feel of the hot liquid on his cock pushes Juanjo over the edge. Juanjo shoots his load of cum all over Mario’s balls and hairy ass. Now that was a good meeting.

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27 Feb 2020

Looks like the wrong scene's been loaded guys.

27 Feb 2020

This scene is Do it, not playing the correct one

28 Feb 2020

Oops! We will get this corrected shortly.

28 Feb 2020

Wow, hot scene!

28 Feb 2020

Real men fucking. HOT

28 Feb 2020

So good to see the diversity of Kristen Bjorn. There are so many types of bears and here we have 2 muscle bears going at it, one hairy and one smooth. Thank you for reflecting the diversity in our community.

01 Mar 2020

Thanks Alex, more real men please, no plastic guys who don't know how to fuck.

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