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Feel Me: Gian Rey, Andy Star

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Gian Rey contacted us and wanted to know if it would be possible to work with the world-famous gay porn actor Andy Star. We contacted Andy and he was humbled by Gian’s request and said he would like that very much. Andy and Gian hook up and put their magnificent bodies on display for us in their ever-sexy underwear and jock with big bulges. Gian is the first to drop to his knees and service Andy’s incredible latin cock with his hungry mouth. The guys go back and forth sucking each other’s cocks, showing us why they are at the top of their games. Andy gets on all 4’s on the edge of the bed as Gian spreads his perfectly sculpted, muscular ass and dives in tongue first. Gian shows Andy that he is enthralled with his ass and eats it as if it were his last meal. Andy is also bewitched by Gian’s talented tongue as he begins pushing back against it to get as much of that hot tongue up his ass as he can. Gian rises and teases Andy’s ass with the head of his cock this time, but returns to some more ass eating before plunging into the depths of pleasure. Once Gian does rise for the final time, he slips his hard cock into the center of those beautiful mounds of muscle. Gian appears to be obsessed with Andy’s ass and goes back and forth several times to get another taste of heat and juices rising up from its depths. The guys flip and this time Gian squats down onto Andy’s rock-hard cock and begins his wild ride. Gian jumps off of Andy’s cock and begins sucking on it, taking in all the flavors and smells of their hot fucking. The guys flip again and this time Gian is on his side and Andy is coming in from behind as his sumptuous cock begins fucking away at Gian’s ass once again. Another flip and this time Gian is coming in from behind as his cock penetrates Andy’s sweet ass. Gian has found the exact spot that turns Andy wild as Andy grabs onto his cock and begins stroking out a creamy load of cum. As the cum flows from Andy’s cock, Gian continues with his intense fucking until he can hold back no longer and his huge load of cum coats Andy’s balls and ass. Gian’s wet cock finds its way back into Andy’s world-famous ass.

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03 Apr 2020

Hot scene

03 Apr 2020

Nice flip fuck! Andy looks as good as ever, and its nice to see Gian back in action

03 Apr 2020

Love this scene. Hot couple and horny action, especially when Gian fucks Andy and eats his cum at the end!!

03 Apr 2020

Gian is one hot Asian; his cock is fat and hard from the beginning. Loves how he keep eating cum from Andy's beautiful ass at the end and shared with Andy. Andy's body is perfection. I found it irresistable when he pushed he anal splincter out. Very hot. Great scene.

13 Apr 2020

Both guys are very hot. Loved seeing Gian Rey eat ass and top! So damn sexy!!

19 Oct 2022

Editor Strongboli, please bring back this Sexy Gian Rey, soon back on stage. This native from China is amazing hot. Cannot wait to see his next performance . Gian Rey is such a good looking guy with a body every man could dream off. So friendly is he, his smooth chest, sensitive and perky nipples and his massive uncut banana dick makes him the hottest Asian dude ever. His perky nipples really turns me on hot to see his chest...his nipples are so ready to suck on... The Cast of this video is so great with also good looking Brazilian native Andy Star.. Andy in this scene, who really loves man to man sex encounters and sucking his huge cock and after all fucking Gian Rey very hard bareback in that bedroom...Want to see more soon on Asian Gian Rey, since this video which was from the year 2020. .Where is he now??? this Asian guy so much !!

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