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Cocked & Loaded: Cole Keller, Santiago Rodriguez, Viktor Rom

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It’s a gay porn party when Cole Keller invites his buddies Santiago Rodriguez and Viktor Rom over for a drink. Things get down and dirty as Santiago’s huge cock is the first to leap out followed by Viktor and Cole’s magnificent cocks. The guys line up in a ladder formation as Cole sucks on Victor’s notorious big boy dick. Victor sucks on Santiago’s luscious Latino cock. Maneuvering into a new position, Santiago lowers his sweet ass onto Victor’s fat cock as Cole begins feeding Santiago his meaty cock. With each stride up and down on Viktor’s rock-hard cock, Santiago’s cock is slapping against his abs growing stronger and harder with each thrust. Viktor then stands up with Santiago and wraps his one leg around his waist as he continues fucking his ass. Another swap and this time it is Cole lowering his huge muscle ass onto Viktor’s throbbing cock. Santiago is right behind Cole and also slips his cock inside of his magnificent ass. Cole’s expert ass eases in quickly to adapt to the double dicking he is receiving. As Cole’s adaptation to the two massive cocks in his ass the pace begins to pick up and Cole begins receiving a full-on hard ass fucking from both men. The guys swap positions once again and this time we find Cole lowering his ass onto both Viktor and Santiago’s cocks as they are lying cock to cock. Cole’s ass is hungry as he bangs his ass down hard onto his buddies’ cocks. As the fucking intensifies all three men’s cocks are cocked and loaded for a huge explosion. Cole wants a taste of Viktor and Santiago’s loads and maneuvers himself to be at mouth level to both cocks. Santiago is the first to feed Cole his creamy load of cum. After dumping his load in Cole’s mouth, Santiago moves in and licks his load off of Cole just as Viktor unleashes his huge load of cum all over Cole and Santiago’s faces and mouths. As Cole is sucking the cum out of Viktor’s cock his own cock erupts with a thick, creamy load of cum.

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10 Apr 2020

This scene is really great! Not only do we get to see Santago getting plowed by Viktor, we also get to see Cole getting double penetrated! Fucking awesome!

10 Apr 2020

Great scene with three very sexy men. I only wish we could have seen Viktor and Santiago eat Cole's hot load of cum at the end.

10 Apr 2020

Agree with Greg. All three guys are so hot. Especially Cole. What a hairy muscle beast and he can take some good double pounding. This is why KB production is the best!

27 Oct 2022

Hottest 3 way with those 3 horse hung men...Among those is Santiago Rodriguez the hottest dude ever. Cannot believe my eyes to see his huge uncut banana dick which is really massive. His huge cock could not even fits inside his tight jeans... His partners Cole Kellar and muscular and tattoed Victor Rom are such good looking guys too and really enjoy a hot man to man encounter with sexy Santiago Rodriguez... Best video ever seen so Kristen Bjorn with my favorite Colombian native man Santiago Rodriguez.

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