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Waiting For You: Gianni Maggio, Jay Moore

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Jay Moore enjoys being a gay porn star, which allows him to live out his inner sex pig with a desire for men with huge cocks and today he meets up with the monster cock king, Gianni Maggio. Gianni knows that he is about to destroy Jay’s tight ass, so it is necessary to get in there and get it nice and wet. As Gianni gives Jay’s ass a sexy tongue bath, he knows that it will take a whole lot of spit and determination. Jay then flips over and begins devouring Gianni’s massive cock, choking as much of it as can down his throat. Jay gets flipped onto his stomach and Gianni gives his smooth, pink ass another tongue lashing before pressing his humongous cock head against his tight sphincter. As Gianni begins pumping his cock in and out of Jay’s ass, Jay works through the pain to be able to accept what he can of Gianni’s hefty big boy dick. Jay is moved to all 4’s as Gianni continues to fuck with the strength of a giant. Gianni positions himself on his feet to get better leverage and gives Jay the fucking he has dreamed of. Jay gets flipped one last time and this time he is on his back and Gianni’s monster cock is coming in for the full glory. Just as the pace of Gianni’s fucking picks up to a frenzied pitch, he stands up and lets his cum rain down upon Jay. With all that hot cum coating his body Jay has been pushed over the edge and explodes his own load of cum on his ripped abs. Jay scoops up the mixture of cum and begins fingering his smooth ass with the thick blend of lubricant.

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29 May 2020

I'm not really a size queen, but Gianni's huge cock demands a lot of respect! Jay sure looks like he enjoyed it. Hot scene!

29 May 2020


30 May 2020

GEIL und das durch und durch!

31 May 2020

Huge cock and sexy blonde bottom. Cool!

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