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Sex Sunday: Bastian Karim, Aaron Caban

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We all love that Sunday feeling when there are no responsibilities and our sexy stars Bastian Karim and Aaron Caban are making it their sex day. Aaron is a hungry dude and is aggressive with his desires as he begins kissing and disrobing Bastin. Feeling the huge dick bulge in Aaron’s underwear, he immediately drops to his knees and reveals Aaron’s meaty cock. Aaron is pleased to see that Bastin has a hunger for sex that runs as deep as his own. Bastin chokes down and gages on the full length of Aaron’s growing cock. Aaron’s hunger is consuming him as he throws Bastin down and begins devouring his smooth, pink asshole. With that perfect ass dripping wet, Aaron stands up and slams his cock deep inside. Aaron begins fucking, but decides that ass needs some more lubricant and pulls out, eats more ass, then slams his cock back in and resumes his deep hole fucking. Aaron loves the flavor that is left on his lips from Bastin’s ass and goes back and forth from fucking to ass eating and back to fucking. The guys fuck in multiple positions before Bastin finally squats down onto Aaron’s throbbing cock and rides him hard until neither man can hold back any longer. Bastin’s sweet ass milks Aaron for his huge load that explodes his creamy load all over Bastin’s smooth thighs. Aaron rams his cum drenched cock back inside of Bastin, which triggers Bastin to blow his huge load. Is it Sunday yet?

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31 Jul 2020

I wish this was a flip flop.

15 Aug 2020

Perfect scene. Glad it was not a flip flop.

02 Nov 2022

What a great video again with 2 of my favorite men Bastian Karim and Aaron Caban. Both guys are so good looking men and good kissers too. Could not believe my eyes when both men got shirtless to see how gorgeous their bodies and hairy chest are. Both guys are horse hung, their huge banana dicks were really visible in their tight jeans pants. Karim enjoys sucking off that huge uncut dick of Aaron Caban and in return Aaron sucks Karim huge cock too. Finally was hot to watch to see how Aaron Caban fucks him very hard bareback in his hot ass. Cannot wait to see both men soon in action again on stage at Kristen Bjorn

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