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Got Milk? Lucio Saints, Leonardo Lucatto

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When you're horny, you're horny and when you Got Milk you have to share it in every way possible and today Lucio Saints shares all of his milk with Leonardo Lucatto. As Lucio begins spilling the milk all over Leonardo, he learns that there is more than one way to enjoy milk as well. Lucio laps up the spilt milk from Leonardo’s muscular ass, hurry that ass is hot and could spoil this milk. Leonardo drops to his knees and begins working his hungry mouth up and down Lucio’s latin monster cock shaft as the milk is drizzled up and down his cock, is this a hint of what is to cum for Leonardo? Foreskin has so many playful aspects to itself and Leonardo takes Lucio’s foreskin and makes a pool of milk inside of it as he begins sucking on the mixture of cock and dairy. Lucio also makes a pool of milk to drink from and this time it is Leonardo’s smooth, pucker hole. As Lucio laps at the milk and Leonardo’s hot hole the two have a new level of play. Leonardo stands up and presents his smooth ass to Lucio, who immediately rams his raw big dick deep into that milky ass. Lucio thrusts his cock in and out of Leonardo, forcing him to keep his ass open for that fat big boy dick to make its reentry. Getting flipped again, Leonardo is on his back with Lucio driving his throbbing cock deep within and picking up the pace. Lucio continues to hammer Leonardo’s ass with his rock-hard cock, that is building its own milk and Leonardo has let Lucio know that he needs to be fed. Leonardo gets his ass raised up off the bench as Lucio gets to his feet and impales his cock deeper and deeper inside of Leonardo’s greedy ass. As Lucio reaches the apex of his fucking, he showers Leonardo’s ass with his hot load of milk (cum) and feeds that demanding ass with his load. Lucio begins fucking Leonardo again and that is all that Leonardo needs as he explodes with his thick load of cum. Milk, does an ass good!

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04 Sep 2020

The cow's milk is an unusual and sexy prelude to the man man milking that is to come! Very hot scene!

04 Sep 2020

Lucio is my dream man.

05 Sep 2020

Homo Lactophilia!!! very sexy! I love to see different dirty and imaginative things. Lucio is always spectacular.

22 Oct 2022

Hottest male cast in this video Got Milk with horse hung Venezuela native Lucio Saints. This guy has such a hot tattoed chest, perky nipples and his uncut banana dick is really massive. 1 of the biggest dicks ever seen at your Kristen bjorn studio. So hot to see how Leonardo Lucatto is licking that cow milk on Lucio Saint his perky nipples and tattoed chest . Editor Strongboil want to see more soon from Lucio Saints !

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