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Daring Contrast: Jonathan Miranda, Jony Blond

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It is in our contrasting differences that we find the beauty in others, such as Jonathan Miranda who loves reading and his bodybuilder boyfriend Jony Blond who must dedicate a large portion of his time to building his body to competition level. Finding the beauty in our differences builds a healthy respect and possible arousal. Jonathan admires Jony’s dedication and the amount of work that goes into his craft and Jony appreciates Jonathan’s thirst for knowledge and adventure. The two have learned how to combine their daring contrasts in highly creative ways. Pushups turn into a kissing sensation that of course leads to further interaction. Jonathan always loves sucking on that thick, meaty, big boy dick and today is no exception as it pummels his throat as Jony uses his muscles to thrust his cock deep into Jonathan’s throat. Jony flips Jonathan and begins tongue fucking his chestnut colored ass. The intensity of Jony’s ass eating skills raises both men’s desires to a level of lustful hunger that must be fed. Jonathan is flipped onto his back and Jony rams his raw cock deep inside of that beautiful awaiting hole. Flipping again, Jonathan squats down onto that magnificent muscle cock and rides it hard. Jonathan can feel the rigidness building in Jony’s cock and slams his ass down one last time before hooping off the table and preparing to be fed. No sooner is Jonathan’s mouth watering that Jony pumps out his hot load of cum all over his lips and tongue. As the cum drips from his chin, Jonathan unleashes his hot load all over his sexy thighs. His differences were the other’s turn on.

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25 Sep 2020

Jony is hot!

25 Sep 2020

Great scene. hot combination.

25 Nov 2021

Jony is the ultimate beefy blond.

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