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The Tourist: Guido Plazas, Santiago Rodriguez, Valdo Smith

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The locals always know how to spot the eager tourists and today Valdo Smith has his sights set on the hot couple, Santiago Rodriguez and Guido Plaza. Valdo notices the sexy men and immediately offers his services to make their trip that much more enticing. Guido and Santiago invite there travel guide back to their rented flat and the clothes start flying as they are ripped off in a flurry of excitement, leaving three naked men. With each man’s huge cock at full attention the guys form a triad of oral pleasure, where no cock goes un-sucked. Santiago and Guido are quick to mount their new friend and as Valdo sits atop Santiago, Guido comes in from behind and find that Valdo is very adept and talented as they give him a deep, double fucking. Valdo is then flipped onto his back and Santiago and Guido begin tag teaming his hot, smooth ass with their equally massive cocks. The fucking gets very intense and all three men cannot resist all the pleasures they are sharing. With such amazing cocks fucking him left and right, Valdo is unable to hold off any longer and as Santiago pounds his hefty cock into a frenzy it is Valdo that explodes his creamy load of cum. Santiago steps aside as Guido is on the verge and no sooner does he shove his cock inside of Valdo that he is showering his huge load all over his hot ass. Guido scoops his load and continues to fuck Valdo. Santiago then steps up and unleashes a deluge of cum that creams and coats Valdo’s ass before he slams his drenched cock full length into Valdo once again. Santiago and Guido leave Valdo with one last ass tag teaming. Valdo should be on the payroll for this tourist board.

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29 Oct 2020

I really enjoyed this scene. It was nice to see that the scene had a set up with the guys meeting in public and then moving inside for all the action. The cock sucking was great to see that every cock was sucked at the same time. It was amazing to see Valdo take both cocks immediately, he is talented. Tag teaming is always a bonus for any bottom.

30 Oct 2020

Great scene! I always love to see a good double penetration

27 Oct 2022

Hottest 3 way ever seen with those 3 horse hung men...Among those are Guido Plaza and Santiago Rodriguez the hottest dudes ever. Cannot believe my eyes to see both guys in Madrid walking arround to met tourist Valdo Smith. Their huge uncut banana dicks are really massive. I watched and saw that their huge cocks could not even fits inside their tight jeans...!! His partner muscular Valdo Smith is such a good looking guy too and really enjoy a hot man to man encounter with sexy Santiago Rodriguez... Best video ever seen so Kristen Bjorn with my favorite Colombian native man Santiago Rodriguez and Venezuela native Guido Plaza.

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